Wide screened TVs are in abundance here in the lounge, everyone of them with Obama celebrating his victory.  It seems I’m one of the few people slightly underwhelmed by Obama’s aura.  It had less to do with him than the millenarian over-confidence that seems to be symptomatic of everyone infected with Obamania.  Something about it seems shallow and lacking substance beyond trite liberalism. Domestically I am sure he could be a resounding success; internationally I have certain doubts with him based on my own biases (his hard-stance towards Pakistan, my own pro-Palestinian inclinations).  Much of the enthusiasm for him is based on the fact that he is not George Bush.  Clearly, he can and would do better than his predecessor.  However, let there be no mistake about it: anyone would be better than his predecessor.  A coat hanger would be a better public servant, as would any other charmless inanimate object.

I’m curious to see what Pakistanis think…we shall see.