The following is a message from a filmmaker friend of mine.  Please feel free to spread widely:

Quite simply, we want to finish making the short film Seduction.

Earlier this year we shot the film on the RED camera over 3 days in London. We had a crew of 18 people which included the London-based actors Rakel Dimar, Andrew MacDonald and Philip Dinsdale.

We produced the film on a shoestring budget but now need $5,000 to take us through the last stage of the filmmaking process – post-production.

Post-production is one of the most exciting stages, where we take the raw material (what is called ‘the dailies’ in America and ‘the rushes’ in the UK) and shape it into a narrative complete with sound design, titles and music. You wouldn’t believe how, without these elements, how different your favourite films would look and sound.

With the $5,000 we hope to raise from Kickstarter we will be able to work with a talented team of people to complete the off-line and on-line edit, the sound design and sound mix and write the score for Seduction. 

Seduction is about the journey of Adriana, a young woman estranged from her psychoanalyst husband. Behind her husband’s back she turns to her own psychoanalyst for answers about the nature of intimacy. But then a misunderstanding forces Adriana to confront the fantasy world she has constructed.

Seduction is about that feeling when one realises the truth they have built their life around may have only been an illusion.

We are looking for people like you to help us raise the money to finish the film so that we can submit it to film festivals around the world.

You can donate any amount you like, the structure we created below is only for rewards.

Thank you for considering our project and for helping us spread the word to people you think would be interested in watching Seduction.

For information on how to support this project, please visit their Kickstarter website: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/914992179/seduction-a-short-film.

More information about the filmmaker:

Meghan Horvath is an American filmmaker based in London. ‘Seduction’ is her first fiction project.

Prior to this adventure she directed the award-winning documentary ‘The Middle Men’, as well as ‘A Dollar & A Dream’ and ‘Anyway, Who Are You?’

Before moving to London she was an associate producer on Ken Burns’ award-winning television documentary series ‘The War’.

People now ask her: Does ‘Seduction’ mean you are abandoning documentaries?

Her answer: Of course not! Let the most approprite genre for the story and content prevail.